Los Gringos Locos
Loco Tequila Challenge Club

It all started about 8 years ago sometime in 2010 and continues to gain members. The Loco Los Gringos Locos Tequila Challenge Club has become a very popular Apache Junction event.

Upon joining the club, our members receive a Tequila Challenge Black T-shirt, and their Club Card.

The overall goal of the club is to complete the card which involves sampling 60 different tequilas. There is no time limit to complete the card.

Once the card is filled, the member gets their name and a unique caricature on our wall in the cantina.

We started holding monthly 'meetings' shortly after the clubs' inception. At the meeting- our liquor vendors showcase new and unique tequilas for our members' sampling pleasure. Los Gringos Locos also provides an appetizer that is shared between members. The meetings usually fall on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. There are exceptions such as when a month has 5 Wednesdays. Then the meeting is held on the middle Wednesday.

We celebrate the Christmas Holidays by holding a Shot Glass Exchange at our December 'Meeting'. Each member that wishes to participate in the Exchange brings a wrapped shot glass. There have been some exceptional glasses exchanged over the years!!

Come by our next 'meeting' and join the Los Gringos Locos Tequila Challenge Club!